A downloadable game for Windows

super Mario untold stories is a Mario-based 2D platformer featuring gameplay mechanics that don't exist in any of the previous platformer Mario games, such as shooting and action mechanics. the game also features hardcore levels for hardcore platformer fans.

The demo version is now available for download

1st place winner in the Level Up game development contest

the game was developed for this contest and there is no intention of profit in it's release.

"after Princess Peach refuses both Mario and Bowser, the two make peace and eventually become friends. now there is peace all over the mushroom kingdom. everyone is happy, except Larry, one of Bowser's children. he doesn't like the new kind and happy bowser, and he blames Mario for this. he decides to take revenge, but he knows he can not mess around with Mario. so he decides to kidnap Luigi as an act of revenge. he assembles a group of Koopas and goombas and, as an homage to his beloved movie "The Godfather", and mafia stories in general, he arms them with old-timey guns and hats. they finally kidnap Luigi and now it is time for Mario to rescue his brother. he picks up his old rusty pistol, wears his brown coat and his old Italian hat, and hits the road."

the game supports two distinct input modes

  1. mouse and keyboard mode
  2. gamepad mode

you can toggle between the two modes within the game in the game settings. there is also a key-bindings guide which you can see here:

 the bindings for the gamepad mode are set up based on Xbox one controller for pc and if you use another controller you will probably need to set up your gamepad input manually and based on your own controller. use the instructions in this PDF to learn how to setup gamepad input manually.

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Install instructions

1. download the file, extract it to your desired directory via WinRAR or other softwares that supports .rar files. 

2. run Super Mario Untold stories.exe and hit play

3. enjoy!


Super Mario Untold stories Demo.rar 168 MB

Development log


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I really liked this game. Mario with a gun will never not be fun. I think the slow motion and shield techniques feel nice. The difficulty of the game can be kind of steep especially during the boss enemies at the end of levels. Overall all I look forward to seeing what is next!

Check out my video playthrough for more comments! (Timecode 24:39)

the tutorial is impossible

Chrome OS plz and hi archerl286

hey we made a short video about your game!

plz do chrome os

why is there no macos version? :(

Amazing story

wow thats a Good story

Hi when will the full version come out. I'm so excited to play it.

im too


where is the progress bar for the game?


This game was so well made! It looks and plays great!! I just suck at Mario and got super annoyed rather quickly :')! That doesn't take it away from being an exceptional game with a slightly different game mechanic, good job! :D game play starts at 5:03 if interested


Thank you so mush! Glad you liked it.


this is the best mario fan game i have ever played

thank you so much for your kind words!

game for mac, please?


Someday... I will get your secrets. fun game over all, challenging, good design... I WILL FIND YOUR SECRETS... Mario looks good.


So i tried to find all the secrets but eventually i gave up trying to find the last one D:


This hilarious man, nice work


Mario's got some issues...


not bad maybe add some checkpoints? :)

We play this game among a couple of others. Certainly an interesting experience.

No doubt Nintendo will take issue with Mario wielding a gun, and maybe they are right to.


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I gave it a go and left feeling pretty positive on this! The obvious fear that you'll get a C&D before this can ever come to fruition aside, I think you have a lot of potential with this project. I loved the lore leading up (laughed quite a few times) and really enjoyed the levels -- even with the second being very hard. Very rad!

gay luigi


Made a Video on this

really good game i enjoyed thanks for making my day


I appreciate it so much. Glad you liked it.


why is mariop on ice?


Yeah, the running drives me crazy. I feel like I am sliding everywhere.


Well, the physics is implemented in a way to be similar to super Mario bros. 3 as much as possible. If you play that game again, you'll see what I'm talking about.

Oh, ok didn't know that


Pretty tough game.


I made a video in which I play this.


Fast, Lets Download This Before Nintendo, Erase This! XD

Good Game bro


why is this on Itchio? Are you asking Big Daddy Nintendo to shut this down? You know how it's gonna end, dude. 

You should keep stuff like this OFF OFF popularized sites.

I'll get your tombstone ready for the inevitable, godspeed.

( I'll download it now before nintendo drops the nukes ) 

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🤯 GRAND THEFT MARIO! | Super Mario Untold Stories 🤯

This game was super fun! Don't get me wrong i kept dying...alot...but i loved this! Very well made and i hope to see more in the future! (Also very nice graphics!) 😊


Glad you liked it. 

Nice game. I am using footage of this game in an upcoming video, should be finished this friday.

Cool I'd like to see the video!

This is the video


So i made a spanish video for the game its kinda hard but thats ok :3

Jeje, crei que era el unico que hablaba español aquí


Fun demo, it's a good twist to have guns in Mario. I just wish i could have driven the car!

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Well first of all thank you so much for playing my game and making a video of it.

The car is not drivable but you can blow it up if you shoot it too many times.

And the next point is that I watched your video and I'm afraid you have not finished this game at all! If you pay attention to the main menu there is a button named "enter code"

You can find the code by finishing four "hidden" challenges and puzzles. I have to say that these hidden stuff are pretty hard to find and even harder to solve. I think you have missed the fun part!


Love this game...Good Old memories refreshed. By the way game is bit hard :D Rated 5/5

Thank you so much. Glad you liked it!


Update the game with more levels but lower the difficulty a bit :)

this is the demo version actually. the full version is under development.

you will help us in developing it by making donations.

Sure :)